Bachelor of Science (Science Chemistry)


Bachelor of Science (Chemical Sciences) started in the first intake in Universiti Malaysia Terengganu on May intake of 2001/2002. This is a 3 years program, which involves six full semesters and one short semester between 4th and 5th semester. Students need to fulfill 120 credits to graduate. These credits involve 20 credits of general university core subjects, 70 credits of chemistry core courses and 30 credits of guided electives majoring in chemistry electives offered from Faculty of Science and Marine Environment and remaining electives of other non chemistry electives offered from other faculty.



Through this program, we are striving to produce graduates of Bachelor of Science (Chemical Sciences) with:

  • A wide knowledge, having technical skills and are able to applied the knowledge learned to solve problems in chemical sciences
  • High ethics and professionalism in research field and delivering services without ignoring the social responsibilities
  • Ability to communicate and lead effectively
  • Ability to identify potential in entrepreneurship and the importance of long life learning to develop career pathway.