Bachelor of Applied Science (Biodiversity Conservation and Management)

This program aims to produce graduates who are knowledgeable in the field of conservation and management of biological diversity, particularly in ecosystems and species. Needs of graduates in this field are expected to increase along with the awareness of the global community, especially this country about the role of biological species and the natural environment should be taken into account and maintained in all aspects of the economic and social development of the country. The program emphasizes both practical and theoretical aspects of applied science in which students are required to follow the program’s core courses covering basic biology, including physiology, genetics, ecology and so on in addition to courses in evolution and biodiversity of organisms, biodiversity and aquatic ecosystems terrestrial, conservation of ecosystems, species and genetic, forest and wildlife management, remote sensing and GIS, and population dynamics of tropical natural resources.

        Student Bachelor of Applied Science (Biodiversity Conservation and Management) must complete at least 120 credit hours before becoming a graduate who holds a degree in Conservation and Management of Biodiversity. Duration for completing all 120 hours of graduate credit is 6 semester (refer to the Course Scheme table)

Requirement needed:-

  • Academic requirements