Analytical & Environmental Chemistry

Bachelor of Science (Analytical and Environmental Chemistry)

Graduates of this program will have the knowledge and skills not only in various chemistry field, but also have special skills in analytical chemistry methods and environments and the usage of latest equipment needed in the field. Graduates from the field of Analytical & Environmental Chemistry are needed in this country. This is because rapid development of our country industries requires serious control and monitoring from time to time. Graduates are expected to offset the progress made ​​in the field of industrial and environmental care and skill in various fields, especially chemistry. Careers that can be pursued by graduates of this program are as researchers, chemists in product development, process development, and environmental analysis and forensics. Graduates can also venture into teaching as a lecturer or teacher.

        Student Bachelor of Science (Chemistry and Environmental Analysis) must complete at least 120 credit hours before becoming a graduate who holds a degree in Analytical & Environmental Chemistry. Duration for completing all 120 hours of graduate credit is 6 semester (refer to Course Scheme).

Requirement needed:-